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Training and Seminars

Knowledge is the key to a successful export compliance program. Informed personnel reduce the likelihood that violations of export laws and regulations will occur.
M3 Federal International understands that as crucial as it is to have export compliance policies and procedures, it is also just as important to provide effective training to all employees to ensure that they possess a working knowledge of current export regulations, as well as, your company's specific compliance program.

M3 Federal International's training is tailored  to be job-specific, while also providing a general overview of the entire process. Training will include processes, responsibilities, positive and negative consequences of actions or in-actions, high risk areas, as well as job specific export roles, export regulations, risk areas, and remedies for company specific exported products.

Export Compliance Training Programs and Seminars


Our export compliance consultants are industry experts and  trained in export compliance.


Export Compliance Training Programs

M3 Federal International's training programs are individually developed based on the needs of your organization, your company's size, and the the complexity of your export operations. M3 Federal International will develop a training  plan to fit your schedule and target groups (e.g. management specific, general introductory, job and duty specific, and advanced for personnel directly responsible for export compliance), and will customize the content to meet your needs.

Our qualified trainers have expert knowledge of the current Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and are experienced in in all areas of export management , processes, and compliance.

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Depending on your company's needs, M3 Federal International can provide training on-site at your facilities or web-based training. There are benefits to both methods of training:

On-site training is a perfect choice if you need to train large groups of employees. You will have the advantage of training the maximum number of employees in a minimal amount of time, it allows  for face to face interaction. This training environment helps to foster a sense of synergy and collaboration towards the common goal amongst those in attendance.

Web-based training allows for more schedule flexibility, saves travel costs, and  makes it easy to train employees who are located in various locations at the same time. Instead of gathering in a single location to receive instruction, your personnel can participate in training and meeting sessions on their laptops at locations convenient to them.

Regardless of the training method that you choose, M3 Federal's training is designed to provide goal oriented targeted training to your personnel, so that they will fully understand the importance of their roles and responsibilities in export compliance, the  requirements, processes, and both the positive and the negative consequences of their actions and/or inactions.

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