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Overview of  M3 International's Services 

The ITAR and EAR regulations are complex, and the penalties can be severe. M3 Federal International's staff of Subject Matter Experts are seasoned professionals that can help your company sort out the multitude of laws and regulations - as they apply to your business.

We will help enhance your export awareness and develop an export compliance program for your company that complies with the current laws and regulations. Beyond that, M3 Federal will train your personnel to understand these laws and regulations, and how they affect their day to day duties.

Overview of Export Compliance Services

If your company already has an export compliance program in place but need help in a specific area or areas, we specialize in performing compliance audits and reviews and providing our recommendations for corrective actions.

Service areas we specialize in, include:

Audits and Compliance Reviews

Audits and compliance reviews are a major component of an export compliance program. M3 Federal's Subject Matter Experts are experienced in conducting audits and compliance reviews of U.S. Government export regulations. More information on audits and compliance reviews.

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Compliance Program Development

Our Corporate Compliance Program offers complete export and/or import compliance. This program is built into your company and designed to control exports and/or imports, keeping your company compliant with all U.S. trade regulations.

Our trade compliance consultants have the knowledge and a thorough understanding of the U.S. export and import regulations. This gives us the unique ability to make sure the program we put together for your company will not only keep compliant, but will also be exactly what you need based ob how your day to day business flows.

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Corporate Compliance Program

Export Compliance Manual & Policies and Procedures

Export Compliance Policies and Procedures Manual Development

To ensure that your export decisions adhere to your company's Export Compliance Program we strongly suggest that  you develop a set of written policies and procedures ("Export Compliance Manual") that address all of the program details and steps.

M3 Federal International will develop policies and procedures that uniquely addresses your specific compliance program and its requirements, and your current processes. More information on Export Compliance Manual Development.

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Controlled Product Identification and Classification

All items in the United States, whether made in the U.S. or made outside of the U.S. using U.S. technology are subject to United States  export/import regulations. M3 Federal International can assist you in determining which regulations apply to the items you want to export or import and the associated classifications. More information on Product Identification and Classifications.

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Assistance with Customs IssuesCustoms Assistance

M3 Federal can assist you with regard to customs issues such as responding to customs questions about a shipment questions, seizures, or delays in a competent and timely manner. More information on Customs Assistance.


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Denied Party Screening

This screening should be done on a regular basis to comply with regulations. M3 Federal can help you comply with this requirement. More information on Denied Party Screening.

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EAR Licensing and ITAR Licensing AssistanceEAR Licensing and ITAR Licensing Assistance

M3 Federal International is also available to provide immediate licensing assistance to get, or keep, your business moving forward by providing assistance with application submittal. We can help you fill out and/or review your license applications for accuracy prior to submission. More information on EAR Licensing and ITAR Licensing Assistance.


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ITAR Registration

If you manufacture, export, import, broker, or transfer any defense article or defense service listed on the United States Munitions List (USML), you must register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). M3 Federal International can assist you in the ITAR registration process.

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Recordkeeping and Reporting

All export licenses have recordkeeping requirements, these requirements extend past the licenses expiration date. We can train your personnel in the requirements and put systems in place. We can also perform audits to find deficiencies, to support compliance, and to identify any potential violations before they happen. More information on Recordkeeping and Reporting.

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Overview of the Small Business Enterprise Solutions Program

Even if you aren't exporting on a daily basis, you still have to meet the requirements of United States export laws and regulations. M3 Federal International understands that not every business needs a full scale export compliance program.

That is why we have created the Small Business Enterprise Solutions Program. Let our Subject Matter Experts (SME) help your company achieve export compliance while maintaining  profitability.

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ITAR and Export Compliance Small Business Solutions

Technology Control Plan (TCP) Development

If you have, or plan to have, contact with foreign entities, either by hosting foreign visitors, hiring foreign national employees, or through joint ventures and/or joint research you may be required to have a Technology Control Plan (TCP). This plan stipulates how your company will control its technology and establishes procedures to protect classified, proprietary and export controlled information, as well as, controls access by foreign visitors and foreign national employees.

In many cases, a Technology Control Plan (TCP) will be required and in other cases, it is just good business practice to proactively implement a plan. In all cases, M3 Federal International has experienced professionals that can help you develop the right plan. More information on Technology Control Plan Development.

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Training Programs and Seminars (On-Site and/or Remote)

Training is a critical element of a successful export compliance program. M3 Federal International's training programs focus on targeted content that is immediately usable and useful. We take the time to make sure our training is relevant and up to date. Each of our training sessions and seminars are custom tailored to the audience that is receiving the training.

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Voluntary Disclosure Assistance

Voluntary Disclosures are used when a violation (or potential violation) to export regulations are discovered. M3 Federal International can  perform audits to identify if any voluntary disclosures are necessary and  to assure export regulation compliance. More information on Voluntary Disclosures.

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