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Basic Elements of a Successful Trade Compliance Program

  1. Management Commitment:  Senior management must establish written export compliance standards for  the organization. They must also commit enough resources for the export/import compliance program and ensure that the appropriate senior organizational official(s) are designated with the overall responsibility for the trade compliance program to ensure adherence to import/export control laws and regulations.

  2. Program Monitoring:    Continuous risk assessment of the import/export program.

  3. A Formal Written Compliance Program:  Development of a formal written export management and compliance program and effective implementation and adherence to written policies and operational procedures.

  4. Training: Ongoing compliance training and awareness.

  5. Export Compliance Security: Screening of employees, contractors, customers, products, and transactions. Also implementation of compliance safeguards throughout the export lifecycle including product development, jurisdiction, classification, sales, license decisions, supply chain, servicing channels and post-shipment activity.

  6. Record Keeping:  Adherence to record keeping regulatory requirements.

  7. Audit Trail:  Internal and External compliance monitoring and periodic audits.

  8. Internal Procedures:  Internal program for handling compliance problems, including reporting export violations.

  9. Corrective Actions:  Completing appropriate corrective actions in response to export violations.

* Please note that these are only basic elements of a trade compliance program.

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At M3 Federal International we recognize that there is no "out of the box" import/export compliance program that will work for every company. We pride ourselves in working with our clients to better understand how they do business so we can make sure that the program we implement is the best possible program for that company.


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