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Corporate Compliance Program Development

It’s one thing to say that we recognize that your company is different, its another to prove it. M3 Federal has risen above the status quo by offering customizable programs based on how your company operates. We believe the 'cookie cutter' program is a thing of the past. What works for one company won't always work for another.

Our trade compliance consultants have the knowledge and a thorough understanding of the U.S. export and import regulations. This gives us the unique ability to make sure the program we put together for your company will not only keep compliant, but will also be exactly what you need based on how your day to day business flows.

Our Corporate Compliance Program offers complete export compliance. This program is built into your company and designed to control exports , keeping your company compliant with U.S. trade regulations.

Corporate Trade Compliance Program Development

Overview of Our Compliance Program

First, we will perform an initial assessment to understand what international business your company is doing and where your current risks are. We will go over the basic elements of an export import compliance program with you to determine what your needs are based on the initial assessment. At this point we will develop a program for you and explain what is needed and why.

We will train your employees as we implement the program so that they understand the regulations they must comply with. This understanding is key to successful long term compliance. Our training is audience focused to maximize material retention. The training will cover all of the applicable export and/or import regulations and the processes necessary  to comply with those requirements.

The program will include the drafting of a Policies and Procedures Manual. This manual will include flowcharts to help you better understand the process in determining which government agency controls your transactions, licensing documentations, reporting requirements, and the overall process of an export from sales to shipping.

We will help classify your products to make sure that you know what is controlled and what is not. Throughout this process we will teach your employees how to classify, so that they can confidently execute this process for future products.

We will also train your employees on the export licensing process and M3 Federal International will provide immediate licensing assistance to get, or keep, your business moving forward. Once the program is in place, we will host a closeout meeting to address any outstanding questions or concerns.

Give us a call to set up a free consultation to discuss how M3 Federal International can help you reach your trade compliance goals


Your Company's Compliance is our number one goal. We will make sure you understand the program and how to comply with U.S. export and import regulations. M3 Federal International will provide on-call guidance throughout the entire process to ensure your employees don't feel lost or overwhelmed.

This all inclusive program offers the following:

  • An initial assessment and gap analysis of your company's current export and import practices.
  • Registration with the State Department, if necessary.
  • Product classification, including commodity jurisdiction and classification requests.
  • The drafting of an Export Compliance Policy Manual with policies and procedures.
  • A Technology Control Plan (TCP)
  • Employee training (on-site and web based)
  • Export license application preparation assistance.
  • Record keeping.
  • On call guidance and assistance.

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